Pelvic Fracture

The hip and pelvis is a complicated area, linking the legs to the body via the ball-and-socket hip joints. You then have the hip stabilizer muscles and the pelvis, which joins the sacroiliac joints to the spine. Pelvic Fractures are the results of a fracture of the pelvis. When fractures of the pelvis occur, the damage is usually at more than one place so injuries can be difficult to diagnose.

Symptoms of pelvic fracture

Stress fractures of the pelvis will cause pain which becomes worse when active and eases off when you rest.

Cause of pelvic fracture

The pelvis is a very strong joint and injury is usually caused by a severe direct blow, perhaps falling from a horse or being thrown out of the wring in wrestling!

Treatment of pelvic fracture

Seek medical advice. Although a fracture of the pelvis will heal with rest, it is possible that there is other injury in the abdominal organs. Usually an x-ray is required.

Prevention of pelvic fracture

Stretching exercises are needed. The hip has a wide range of movement which unless you are a gymnast, dancer or do martial arts etc, the range of movement can decrease over the years, even running doesn't give enough stretching which in turn protects the pelvis.