Common Basketball Injuries

Basketball is one of the most popular and exciting sports in the United States of America, it is also very popular worldwide. Being a fast paced, dynamic sport with lots of sudden movements injuries are very common. Because of the exhausting end to end action in a basketball layers often get tired and suffer injuries due to overuse.

common basket ball injuries

Some of the most common basketball injuries are suffered in the area of the knee, ankle, foot and back. The injury can be a a sprain, torn or partially torn ligament and tendon or muscle strain. In worst cases fractures can occur, especially in the leg and ankle.

  • Ankle Injury
    The most common basketball injury is the ANKLE making over 50 percent of basketball injuries. The ankle takes tremendous strain when for example, the player is cutting in to avoid an oncoming opponent.
  • Knee injury
    The knee depends on support from it’s ligaments more so than from the surrounding muscles and these ligaments can be torn or partially torn whilst pushing off from the leg or twisting suddenly.
  • Basketball Foot Injury
    ‘Basketball foot’ is not as common an injury, but this is when the ankle rolls over perhaps after a jump and is dislocated. This needs medical help as soon as possible.
  • Upper or Lower Back injury

causes of basketball injuries

Basketball is such a fast flowing sport, it has players constantly running up and down the court and with sudden movements such as stopping, starting and twisting injuries are waiting to occur. Because basketball is this type of game, injuries can not be prevented entirely, they will always happen. Muscle groups, ligaments and tendons will all need to be fully strengthened and fit in order to withstand the brutal exercise.

Over use is the most common causes of basketball injury, as players don’t get any opportunity to rest whilst they are on the court. The coach of the team will want the best players always playing which puts a tremendous amount of strain on their bodies, risking overuse.

basketball injury prevention

There are many successful ways to prevent basketball injuries, if you participate in basketball regularly it is recommended that you carry out the majority of the prevention methods available for optimum protection. You can use supports to help take the impact of sudden impact and awkward movements. There are various ways of injury prevention – some specific for certain injuries visit our sports injuries prevention section for strengthening exercises and equipment.

Basketball supports

wearing a support in basketball will help you prevent injury to your ligaments, tendons, muscles and even bones. There are various supports available on the market today such as knee braces that help prevent knee injury, ankle supports that prevent the ankle rolling over and take the impact of a landing which is vitally important in basketball.