Hands, Fingers and Thumbs

A hand injury may not seem as drastic as other larger limb injuries but without full function of the hand fingers and thumb, sports such as badminton, weight lifting or any throwing or catching action is nearly impossible. In fact the brain has a large area reserved just for looking after these important and sensitive parts of the body.


  • Spread your fingers apart and close them several times.
  • Imitate a typing action and do this as fast as you can.
  • Place your hand palm down on a table and lift each finger in turn.
  • Squeeze a rubber ball, hold for a count of ten and release the your grip.

Repeat these exercises regularly during the day as long as there is no pain or discomfort.

Advanced exercises

  • Throw a ball against a wall and build up to throwing a ball with a partner gradually using more distance in between.
  • Use a racquet, golf club or other equipment to practice strokes before returning to your sport.


Use protective gloves when necessary. Football goal keepers can also wear reinforced gloves to prevent fingers bending backwards when saving the ball. Always warm the fingers up before activity as this will bring blood and oxygen to the working parts.

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