Common Badminton Injuries

Badminton is a very fast sport when played at a high level which involves a lot of twisting, reaching for shots and sudden stopping. The whole body is actually at risk but the most common badminton injuries are the shoulder, knee and wrist followed by the ankle.

Shoulder injuries such as shoulder strain can be avoided by making sure you are using the correct technique. Badminton ‘clears’ are a throwing action but many beginners use their racquet like a frying pan or in other awkward ways which in turn can cause shoulder injury and does nothing for performance. Correct grip of the racquet is also important. Repetitive strain injury of the shoulder or overuse is caused by practicing the same shot repeatedly in long training sessions.

Wrist injuries are usually caused by an incorrect grip. The thumb needs to go around the shaft/handle of the racquet as if shaking hands, not with the thumb straight along the shaft; also a loose grip is needed. Correct grip is vital to prevent wrist injury.

Knee and ankle injuries are common badminton injuries due to the constant twisting and sudden stopping in the game. Usually it’s more than just ankle pain or knee pain; it is more likely to be ligament or tendon damage which will put you out of the game for several weeks. Many players take too many steps during the game when they could use less and reach. Good footwork and positioning in singles and in doubles can reduce the risk of injury and also enhance performance.