Common Running Injuries

Often with running events more time is spent training than competing. The most common running injuries are in the legs, usually from knee to foot, although groin injury is common in hurdles and sprinting.

A list of the most common injuries in running.


Avoid imitating another runner's style (even if they are your idol!) as their particular way of running may not suit your shape and size.

Running miles and miles doesn't mean better results. Practicing running actions/techniques and breathing are just as important.

Train on grass whenever possible to avoid injury. Running injuries such as black nail, runners toe/turf toe can be caused by hard surfaces.

Be aware of hamstring pulls when sprinting, as you go from the starting body angle to the more upright flowing angle.

We all love our old worn out trainers but running shoes with adequate support are essential.

To avoid blisters try changing your socks half way through training in hot weather. This is also good for keeping athlete's foot at bay. Blisters and athlete's foot thrive in damp conditions.

If you are training a lot, make sure your schedule allows you to have rest days to avoid overuse or blisters and athletes foot.