Boils are large bumps that are infected and are filled with pus. They can appear anywhere on the body and are very common on the upper back and neck. They can be very painful and depending where they are can be very restricting when playing sport.

boil symptoms

The boil starts as a small bump but gradually becomes large and painful, also the area around the bump can be red.

first aid for boils

Self-help for boils can be very successful and applying ice will reduce pain and swelling. The boil will naturally take it's course and will eventually burst and the pus will come out. Make sure the boil is clear of pus and apply a clean dressing to the area. Only allow this to happen naturally, do not puncture the boil.Your doctor can of course give you advice or lance the boil for you.

prevention of boils

Poor diet can be the cause, lack of sleep and stress. More rest and a balanced diet should keep boils at bay.