Common Soccer Injuries

Soccer (football) is a sport which will always have many injuries due to the end to end activity and constant twisting and turning.

The most common injuries in soccer/football are:


The ankle is under a tremendous strain when stopping suddenly and changing direction. This can lead to a sprain, torn or partially torn ligament and tendon or muscle strain. In worse cases the ankle may have a fracture.


The knee is supported by it's ligaments and depends on these more so than the surrounding muscles. The ligaments are often at risk of being torn or partially torn whilst the leg is pushing off from the ground or twisting suddenly.


This injury is usually due to the muscle being stretched more than it is capable of. causing the muscle tissue to become torn.

The next most common soccer injuries are CALF, SHIN and HAMSTRING injury.


This is not such a common soccer injury, but after jumping a footballer can land badly and his ankle rolls over causing dislocation of the ankle. This needs medical help as soon as possible.


Prevention Tips: