Hip pointer contusion

The hip is a strong joint with a wide range of movements, but while we are busy exercising other parts of our body, the hip area is often neglected unless you are a dancer used to putting your leg up to the side of your head or a martial artist like Bruce Lee.


A direct blow or fall onto the hip bone like a full -length dive in baseball or a forceful tackle in football or rugby.


There is bruising on the top of the hipbone at the front and the thigh will lose mobility when trying to walk. The area will also be tender and painful.


Immediately after injury apply ice to the injured area to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Place a thin towel between the thigh and the ice to prevent ice burn. After pain has subsided you can continue your sport after a few days, but if pain is at all severe then it is wise to seek medical advice to check there is no further injury. When you are training it would be better to avoid squat thrusts and running up hills etc. for a few weeks. Also don't be tempted to return to your sport too early as this may result in the injury returning.