groin pain

Pain in the groin area is not easily diagnosed. It is easy to think that the pain is simply from over exercise when in fact it can be other problems that are responsible.


It may be a back or hip problem giving pain in the groin but there is not actually pain in the back or hip joint itself. Prostrate and bladder problems can also be the cause and groin friction is common with cyclists which causes pain or numbness in the groin area usually from the saddle being of incorrect size.


The Groin area develops a pain that doesn't`t seem to go after a few days and sometimes coughing or passing water can make the pain worse. It is best to see the doctor in order to find the correct diagnosis.


Going to the doctor as soon as possible is advised and to be able to give as much information such as how long the pain has been noticeable or if anything makes it worse, or better, will help with the diagnosis. The doctor will advise x-rays,bone scans and blood tests. Resting as much as possible is helpful until diagnosis is established.