Slipped disk

The discs in the spine fit securely between the vertebrae and become gradually thicker towards the lumbar region. The discs themselves hardly move until the spine moves as a whole. Your stomach muscles bend your spine forward and muscles in your back pull your spine backwards.


There are many causes for discs to come out of place ranging from landing heavily from a height which has a jarring effect, twisting suddenly or wearing high heeled shoes. Sometimes damage can be done but it's perhaps the next day when you simply sneeze or try to straighten up from bending that you are suddenly in pain with back ache or can't straighten up and you're standing like a monkey. The surrounding injured muscles cause the pain but the slipped disc causes the immobility. If a nerve is trapped you may have pain that can also be felt down you leg.


An osteopath is the best source for treatment. They deal with the all the bones in the body and will happily click you back into place whatever the problem, quite painlessly. Physiotherapists will give you massage, heat treatment and exercises and you may well go back many times. Your back may recover but the chances are you will have further back problems in the future if it isn't put right in the first place.


Remember that good posture is the key to looking after your back. Performing exercises that concentrate on your core (the middle part of your body) such as sit ups.