Coccyx (tailbone) Injury

The coccyx is at the tip of the spine and usually gives us no trouble, but if you have Coccyx injury pain then the most important thing is to have it checked out if symptoms persist over 6-8 weeks. Patience is needed and there are products to buy like an inflatable ring for sitting on and taking pain killers will mask the pain. A word of warning though when taking painkillers, whilst there is no pain , be careful not to do further damage by thinking you can sit down more normally and regret it later! In severe cases the coccyx can be fractured.


Pain around the Coccyx can be constant or when sitting down and sometimes when bending forward. Cyclists will find it too painful to cycle and rowing also will be too painful.


Coccyx injury can be caused by falling backwards or by the coccyx becoming dislocated after sitting down suddenly and hard onto the tip of your coccyx. It can also become dislocated by sitting for long periods as in cycling or rowing.


For self help you can sit on the fleshy part of your thighs or use a doughnut inflatable ring or sit between two cushions. If you are out and need to sit down perhaps you could put two chairs together with your painful area between the gap. Pain killers will help for walking and getting around. If there are no signs of improvement after about 4 weeks or you feel at all concerned seek advice from your doctor. He may advise a cortisone injection or anti-inflammatories, or it may be that there is another problem so it is worth going to see your doctor, however mild cases of Coccyx injury can heal by themselves in 3-4 weeks.