Trapped Knee Lining (Synovium)


There is pain either side of the kneecap although some movements will be pain free. Running especially up hills will usually be the worst for experiencing pain.The synovium can become inflamed and the knee will be very swollen.


The knee is injured from a direct blow or fall.

The synovium starts to thicken and become trapped and as a result the kneecap starts to rub against the thighbone.


You really need the doctor for this injury as an x-ray is needed for accurate diagnosis.

Treatment may be a cortisone injection, frictional massage, or wearing a patellar brace may correct the problem, but in more severe cases surgery may be needed where the thickened synovium may be trimmed and any loose particles that may be in the affected area also can be removed.


Rest is advised when possible especially after surgery as the knee may be quite painful and swollen. When starting your rehabilitation, avoid any strenuous exercises that involve bending of the knee like squats or step-ups. Recovery is good as long as you do gradual exercise and should be from 4-7 weeks.


Avoid kneeling and wear a knee brace for protection when playing your sport for about a month.