Osgood Schlatter's disease

Osgood Schlatter's disease can affect children of all ages up to about sixteen. It should be taken quite seriously as if neglected there can be problems in the knee area during adult life. However it is not a disease but an activity related injury.


Overuse is usually the main cause but forceful contraction of the quadricep muscles/s can also be responsible. Injury is often from sport that involves jumping such as basketball, hurdling, long jump and high jump, or extensive running and weight training at too young an age.


There is pain and swelling below the knee and pain may go if the child rests but return whenever the child performs his sport. Also it can be difficult to straighten the knee.


Rest is the best cure and even then it can be 1/2 years to finally illuminate the condition, however it is often possible to continue playing sport as long as there is no pain and within a tolerable level of discomfort. It is advised to seek medical advice before participating in any activity to avoid problems. Wearing a support bandage will not help but if it feels better to wear one then wear one!


It is important to keep the muscles around the knee strengthened and also the quadriceps muscles flexible. The knee also needs to be gently straightened.

Protection and prevention

It is vital to stretch the leg muscles and warm up before playing your sport. This way you will lower the risk of further injury. Warming up brings blood and oxygen to the working parts and will also enhance performance. Remember that a body that isn't fully grown will not cope with stresses and strains as a fully grown body. Using cushioned insoles in your trainers can also help to absorb shock, or wear shock-absorbing trainers.