Wrist sprain

Cause of a wrist sprain

The cause of a sprained wrist injury can be from landing on it, or perhaps it is wrenched as in wrestling or from mis-hitting a shot in a racquet sport.


The wrist will usually swell and bruising may appear. The wrist will loose movement and function but perhaps only in certain directions.


Apply ice immediately, crushed finely if possible to mold around the wrist and put a thin towel between the ice and skin to prevent ice burn. Keep applying ice every two to three hours for the first two days. This will help drain blood and oxygen from the injured area and help reduce the swelling. The wrist must be immobilized and supported with a wrist support. After two days continue to keep the wrist from activity but gentle wiggling of the fingers will help the circulation. Rest may be necessary for up to two to three weeks and only when you can move your wrist without pain should you commence any exercises. During this time ice can be applied once or twice a day and if sitting it is helpful to keep the hand at shoulder height.