Dislocated shoulder

If your upper arm comes out of place from it's socket it is a dislocation, but if it goes straight back in it is called a subluxation. This is a common injury because the shoulder is a very loose and mobile joint and your bone can be pushed out forwards, backwards or downwards.

Two ways of dislocating your shoulder

Usually from a direct blow or fall, or it is wrenched during sports such as contact sports, or if a shoulder has very developed muscles, the muscles can slide the bone forward and out of place, for example whilst swimming.

What are the symptoms of a dislocated shoulder?

You will be able to feel your shoulder being out of place and your shoulder will look distorted. This injury is very painful and your shoulder may feel 'dead' as the displaced bone can pinch nerves in the damaged shoulder.

Treatment for shoulder dislocation

Never try to put your shoulder 'back' in place. This will only cause more damage. Your shoulder needs to be immobilized and secured close to the body. Apply ice for 15 minutes to relieve pain and reduce swelling and seek medical advice.

Prevention of further injury

Your shoulder needs to be built up gradually to regain it's strength and mobility. Do not be tempted to return to your sport too early as after an injury the risk of further injury is higher. Always warm up and stretch your muscles before you play and make warm ups and stretching part of your sport. It is a small price to pay to prevent further injury.