Dealing with sports injuries

When an injury happens it is usually when the well stocked first aid kit isn't available! However we can still do a certain amount to help the injured athlete. If an athlete falls to the floor or is hurt then here are the first three things that you should do.


For minor bleeding, wash you hands and wear disposable gloves if you have them. Clean the wound and cover with sterile material to stop the bleeding. Remove the sterile material and bandage the arm or apply an adhesive dressing.

Severe bleeding

There are two very serious types of bleeding that can be life threatening:

To stop severe bleeding you should:

The bleeding may stop or become less. At this stage apply a dressing to keep the bleeding controlled. If blood comes through the dressing, apply another on top.

What to do when someone is in Shock

After injury the athlete can sometimes suffer from shock which is caused by the lack of blood reaching the vital organs. Medical assistance is needed.

Symptoms of Shock

What to do if they are in shock: