Fainting is not a serious condition unless you are fainting twice or three times a week. Then you should seek medical advice. Fainting happens because for a short period of time there is not enough blood reaching the brain. The good news is that fainting is short lived and recovery is usually very quick

What causes fainting?

People faint for many reasons such as during sport if the body becomes dehydrated, or if in a very stressful situation, or if they have a sudden shock, and also going for long periods without food.

Fainting Symptoms

A person will feel possibly dizzy or sick and will look pale. Their pulse will be very slow while they are unconscious but this is usually only for a brief period of time.

What is the best way to help a person who has fainted

If the casualty is on the floor, do not have them put their head between their knees as this only allows blood and oxygen to drain away from the head. Elevate the legs for about 5 minutes,and usually they will start to come round within this time. Talk to them and reassure them and sit them up gradually, not bolt upright, and this will give the body time to recover. If they do not regain consciousness place in the recovery position and send for medical assistance.