Common Causes of Sports Injuries

The most common cause of sports injuries is overuse. Overuse injuries are commonly found in running and swimming or from practicing strokes repetitively in sports such as badminton and tennis, however adjustments can be made after injury to lower the risk of further injury. Here is a list of some of the most common causes of sports injuries and reasons why we may become injured.

  • Fast moving sports that involve sudden stopping and twisting are usually the cause of sprains and strains in which ligaments or tendons and muscles, can be strained torn or partially torn.
  • Direct blows or falling are responsible for fractures of which there is more than one type.
  • To not bother stretching or warming up is asking for trouble. Stretching and warming up are essential as this brings blood and oxygen to the working muscles, and will enhance performance.
  • We all love our oldest sports shoes and more often than not they are falling to pieces, but correct fit and support absorbs impact and will help to stop for example ankle rolling, so avoid wearing your shoes until they dropping off.
  • Equipment not being checked regularly, protective helmets and hats not fitting properly and using racquet handles that are too heavy for the wrist.
  • Wrong technique as in swimming or incorrect grip as in racquet sports or golf. This can so easily go unnoticed and is often only realized when pain starts to interfere.