Due to wear and tear over a long period of time, or from frequent sports injuries, the bones can develop the chronic condition of arthritis or a similar condition which is stress fractures. The condition can lead to cracking of the bone and abnormal bone formations. Arthritis may not appear until you are in your fifties and it is usually the weight-bearing joints that are affected, for example the ankle, knees, hips and neck. It doesn't always follow that you will have pain with arthritis, many people have arthritis and are lucky enough to have no pain. Also you can be pain free unless it is aggravated by perhaps running long distances or lifting a few too many heavy weights which may also cause swelling and stiffness.

Arthritis Symptoms

Pain can start gradually, or maybe your joint has been aggravated by a strained movement and this has caused pain to come on. There may be no pain but you might have stiffness and not full mobility in you joint.

What you can do to help relieve arthritis

Training sessions can be decreased or running five miles instead of ten, or playing less badminton matches. This may seem drastic but it is better than having to stop your sport altogether. Always try and keep good posture and keep your weight evenly balanced on both legs. Mobility, flexibility and strengthening the muscles around the damaged area is the most effective way to keep you arthritis under control, but of course care must be taken not to do too much. A small amount of exercising daily is more effective and safer than a lot of exercise two or three times a week. If you are too hot in bed this can contribute to pain as the heat increases blood flow and the area is already congested and because the blood doesn't flow through quite so well, this can cause discomfort. Also the damp weather will hinder your arthritis as it causes changes in the pressure within the joints, so camping in rainy Britain should be avoided.