Muscle Imbalance

To move a joint we need our muscles. As one muscle shortens, it’s partner lengthens. Sometimes one muscle is stronger which causes imbalance. This can be the result of incorrect weight training, or intense sports where one side of the body is used slightly more than the other as in the repetitive action of kicking in football. Screening for muscle imbalance using an isokinetic machine is a good way of preventing injury and is becoming more and more popular.

If you train a sport where you use one side of your body 60%/70% more than the other, as in boxing, you should train in both south port and orthodox stance. This will not only ensure your body is completely balanced in strength and agility, you will surely become a better boxer.

This doesn’t only apply to boxing, the same can go for any sport.

Another common place of muscle imbalance is in the gym. It’s all too common seeing guys train there upper body week in and week out and ignore there legs. This can cause weak legs, hips and a definite imbalance.

How to prevent and treat muscle imbalance

Muscle imbalance isn’t a bad thing and is easy to overcome. Simply assess the parts of your body you neglect or parts that feel weaker and pick some exercises that will make them benefit. Look at it from a positive point of view, your upper body is stronger, so make your lower body equally strong!!