Joggers Nipple

Cause of joggers nipple

Jogger’s nipple can creep up on you quite quickly and all of a sudden you don’t feel like running another step! Jogger’s nipple is very common in distant running and jogging, and is simply the rubbing of clothing on the unprotected nipple.

However jogger’s nipple can be treated easily and heals in the same way as a normal graze.

Symptoms of joggers nipple

Nipples will be sore and can sometimes become inflamed and bleed.

Treatment of joggers nipple

Gently bathe the nipple’s with warm water, dry and allow air to get to the affected area.

The best treatment is avoiding the problem but as we always want to carry on with our running we need to use protection instead!

Prevention of joggers nipple

Covering the nipple with petroleum jelly or a plaster will give protection. Take a couple of spares with you in case you lose one!

Wear a more baggy top to jog or run in, and try wearing a soft cotton material as this breathes to allow a little more air to circulate.

If you are brave enough you could wear a Madonna cone shaped bra!

Recovery time of joggers nipple

Approximately 7 to 10 days.