The triceps muscle is the muscle on the back of your upper arm and it gives power for racquet sports and throwing actions.

Cause of injury

The triceps muscle can become injured by a sudden jolt or by overuse for example doing too many practice strokes in squash or other similar sports.


There will be pain in the back of you arm and your muscles hurt when you bend or straighten you arm.


  • Apply ice to minimize pain and reduce swelling. Place a towel between you skin and the ice to avoid ice burn.
  • It is important to start stretching your triceps as soon as possible without too much discomfort by raising your bent arm above your head and push your elbow behind your head with your other hand until you can feel the stretch.
  • Hold for a count of 5 and repeat this 2 or 3 times every hour until you can do this without any pain.
  • Strengthening exercises can then be started. Use a light weight in your hand and reach your arm out to the side. Repeat 10 times and build up to 20 and then gradually increase the weight. When you are able to do press ups without any discomfort you will be able to return to your sport.


Never forget to warm up. Make it part of your sport, as once you have had an injury you are at a higher risk of further injury. Warming up brings blood and oxygen to the working parts and will help performance.